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Spencer Shaver of Denver Examines the Temple Mount Sifting Project and Its Impact

Spencer Shaver of Denver has helped bring attention to many great causes over the years with documentaries and other creative endeavors. But few have inspired him as much as the still-continuing Temple Mount Sifting Project. This project is one that has implications for religious, historical, and archaeological purposes.

Why Spencer Shaver of Denver Supports the Temple Mount Sifting Project

Several years ago, Spencer Shaver of Denver and his crew created a documentary on what he considers one of the most important and worthwhile projects in the world today – the Temple Mount Sifting Project. Starting in 2005, this project is run by Bar-Ilan University and funded by donors who want to preserve the unique cultural and religious history to prevalent in Israel and the surrounding areas.

As a Christian, Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that this work is essential for protecting the area’s religious importance and its archaeological and historical significance. And through his documentary, Spencer Shaver of Denver raised interest in the project, helped it receive even more funding, and has pushed and prodded more and more people to check into it and help.

Spencer Shaver Denver

At its core, this project is very simple. Focused on Temple Mount – a holy site to the three largest religions in the world today – it seeks to sift through the sands of time present here and preserve artifacts, historical relics, and other items that may be present. The project inspired Spencer Shaver of Denver after finding out that almost 10,000 tons of dirt have been removed from the area illegally over the years, destroying countless artifacts.

And the project has been incredibly successful, a fact that inspires Spencer Shaver of Denver even more. After 15 years of sifting, the project has gone through 3,568 tons of dirt out of 4,752 tons excavated from the area. Around 210,000 people have been involved with the project – a number that Spencer Shaver of Denver can hardly believe – with an astonishing total of 482,341 discovered in the dig, creating an untold possibility for archaeological and historical experts.

Among these finds include ancient pottery that has never been seen before, worked objects and tools unique to the area, various types of game pieces that are still being examined, and even coins that were always rumored to exist but were never found before now. Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that such finds are critical not just for those with a religious background but those with a serious interest in history.

For example, Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that these finds can help historians create a better understanding of the area, the culture of those there, and the unique political and religious worship methods present at the time. Beyond that, Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that this project can serve as a powerful inspiration to others interested in archaeology.

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