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Spencer Shaver of Denver Discusses How Professional Composers Can Improve Media Productions

Spencer Shaver DenverSpencer Shaver of Denver recently discussed the importance of professional composers and hiring them for high-quality media projects. These professionals provide a high level of musical quality that can transform any project and make it better. He mainly argued against using amateur musicians to create a score or relying on free stock music cues for these projects.

Why Spencer Shaver of Denver Encourages Hiring Professional Composers

When creating a media project of any type – from something as simple as a slideshow proposal all the way up to video games and films – Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that it is crucial to invest in real music and a high-quality composer every time. Trying to save money by going with stock music or hiring an amateur musician to handle the score is almost always going to be a bust.

Why? Real composers understand how to craft music that flows with a project and make it stand out, he argues. For example, a video game succeeds heavily based on high-quality music that flows and adapts with the game’s different levels and the action set pieces. Spencer Shaver of Denver believes that a good composer can enhance these scenes by creating more intense and appropriate music.

Using stock music cues may allow you to find some exciting music, Spencer Shaver of Denver allows, but you’re going to be using music that everybody has heard a thousand times before your game or film. He argues that stock music is more likely to make your game or movie seem cheaper and less impressive, especially when people start recognizing where you drew the music from when creating it.

And hiring a professional composer also lets you draw on a more extensive collection of sounds and arrangements, he believes. For example, Spencer Shaver of Denver states that good composers know how to write orchestral work but can also work in a rock-based format, create stripped-down acoustic ballads, and even integrate electronic elements that make your media project feel more diverse and exciting.

Simply put, Spencer Shaver of Denver argues that hiring a professional composer gives your project the best chance of standing out and succeeding. He states that his own group, Skyward Artists Group, takes these projects very seriously and spends the appropriate amount of time composing, expanding, and crafting high-quality projects.

And Spencer Shaver of Denver holds them to high standards, he argues, as do other composers on the market today. These benefits make it critical to find a composer who can meet your project’s needs, Spencer Shaver of Denver argues, looking for one who has experience with your type of project and who has a passion for creating music that is deep innovative, and inspiring. For example, finding a composer who has experience scoring dramatic films will make your movie feel more professional and engaging when you are finished.

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