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Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver Discusses How Filmmakers Can Reduce the Industry’s Negative Impact on the Environment

The film industry isn’t an industry known for being environmentally friendly. For decades, films have been produced in a variety of environments, many of which have special needs to keep the flora and fauna thriving. Early filmmakers often left environmental sustainability out of the filming agenda. However, over the years, the industry has shifted more […]

Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver Denver’s New Documentary Spotlights Temple Mount Sifting Project

The Middle East is steeped in ancient history and religious significance for Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peoples. While these religious groups have their differences, they also share many elements in common, including the reverence of certain holy sites like Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Composer and documentary filmmaker Spencer Shaver Denver says Temple Mount is one […]

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Spencer Shaver Denver Shares 4 Motivation Tips for Small Business Owners

Running a small business is no easy venture. While you’ll surely experience excitement and pride during high periods, it can be challenging to get through the lows. Spencer Shaver Denver is a small business consultant and executive producer at Skyward Artists Group. He has worked with over 100 small businesses from coast to coast, helping with marketing, HR, product […]

Spencer Shaver, Accomplished Composer, Launches Group to Propel Fellow Christian Artists to Succeed

 From documentary film producer to entrepreneur and business coach, Spencer Shaver has had many titles throughout his career. Perhaps most prevalent though is his tremendous talent as a composer. Currently based in Denver, Spencer Shaver has worked with heavyweights in the TV and film industry including PBS, FoxSports, and ESPN. Spencer Shaver Denver has also scored and composed pieces […]

Business Coach, Spencer Shaver Denver, Guides Startups Through HR and Staffing Hurdles

As a small business consultant with a prolific career trajectory, Spencer Shaver Denver is very familiar with the inner workings of the corporate world. To date, the Colorado-based entrepreneur has helped over 100 SMEs from coast to coast upgrade their marketing, staffing, and production tactics. He is also the Executive Producer of Skyward Artists Group, […]

Executive Producer Spencer Shaver Denver Talks About the Challenges in the Christian Film Industry

Spencer Shaver Denver is the Executive Producer at Skyward Artists Group, a Colorado-based firm that specializes in Christian-themed documentaries. He has curated quite the resume, working with industry heavyweights like PBS, FoxSports, and ESPN to score music for a variety of T.V. and film productions. Most recently, Denver executive produced the 2018 Lost Temple documentary; a […]

Small Business Consultant, Spencer Shaver Denver, Helps SMEs Master the Art of Marketing on a Budget

Spencer Shaver Denver is a businessman with phenomenal sales and marketing expertise. Based in Colorado Springs, he has curated an impressive resume through his work in business management, specifically helping small companies from coast to coast finetune their corporate vision and dominate new segments of the market. Today, the business coach has some interesting words of […]