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Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver Discusses How Filmmakers Can Reduce the Industry’s Negative Impact on the Environment

The film industry isn’t an industry known for being environmentally friendly. For decades, films have been produced in a variety of environments, many of which have special needs to keep the flora and fauna thriving. Early filmmakers often left environmental sustainability out of the filming agenda. However, over the years, the industry has shifted more toward human and environmental sustainability. Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver recently discussed how filmmakers can reduce the industry’s negative impact on the unique ecosystems in which films are made. 

“Environmental sustainability wasn’t always a concept that was pushed among filmmakers,” Spencer Shaver of Denver, “But, like many other industries, eco-friendly practices have become increasingly important over the years. As filmmakers, we’re doing as much as possible to keep the environments in which we work safe.”

Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that he and his fellow filmmakers are taking actions, small and large, to help the ecosystems in which they film to thrive. He stated that acts as simple as forbidding the sale and use of disposable plastic bottles at film sites have greatly reduced the amount of disposable plastic used.

“Viewers can’t necessarily see what we’re doing on their TVs,” Spencer Shaver of Denver said. “But most of the lighting we use is LED and the vehicles we are using are hybrid. These are practices you wouldn’t have seen just a decade ago.”

Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that even some of the major blockbuster films have been filmed as sustainably as possible. For instance, Spiderman 2 is considered one of the most eco-friendly blockbuster films ever made. Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that filmmakers like himself are now focused on giving back to the environments and communities in which they film. Used items from the set are being donated to local communities instead of sent to landfills and other disposal areas. Even the leftovers of catered on-set meals are being sent to food donation programs. 

“As filmmakers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to improve our processes and conserve the environment,” Spencer Shaver of Denver said. “However, we can also do more, and we will always strive to do so.”

Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that filmmakers and the film industry as a whole can give back to communities by replanting plants and other resources once the set leaves. After all, hundreds of people are stepping on these natural landscapes day after day and week after week. Spencer Shaver of Denver finished by stating that the film industry is a consumeristic one, so those involved will have to do as much as they can on a daily basis to help minimize its negative impact on its surroundings. 

Spencer Shaver

Spencer Shaver Denver’s 3 Tips for Almost-Free Small Business Marketing

Running a small business is not for the faint of heart; between daily operations and bookkeeping, marketing, and customer service, most small business owners have their hands full in more ways than one. Spencer Shaver Denver, a renowned composer and film producer, is also a respected small business consultant. The owner and executive producer of Skyward Artists Group has worked with over 100 small businesses to date, consulting in marketing, HR, staffing, and more. Spencer Shaver Denver is his three tips for budget-friendly small business marketing.

Spencer Shaver Denver

3 Tips for Small Business Marketing on a Budget

  1. Social Media
    According to Statista, by 2021, there will be about 3.02 billion social media users worldwide. Currently, about 70% of the U.S. population uses social media. Social media platforms, which include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, are excellent ways to connect with your audience, attracting new prospects and engaging existing customers. It’s also cost-effective as most platforms are free to use. Before posting, research your target demographic to find what platforms they use most, what times they’re online and what kind of content they’re most likely to respond to. Research indicates across the board most audiences are more likely to engage with video or photos as opposed to plain text. You can find more tips here.
  2. Build a Website
    While social media profiles are essential, Spencer Shaver Denver says they don’t take the place of a business website. Your website is like a digital storefront, an opportunity to share with your audience your story, what products and services you offer, and your contact information and location. Research shows most modern consumers research brands or products online before making a decision. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce component, a website is a must.
  3. Start Blogging
    Your website can also have a blog filled with content your customer base may be interested in. Spencer Shaver Denver advises a blog can position you as an industry expert and improve your site’s rankings in search engines, making it more visible to people searching for products and services like yours. For instance, a chiropractor may have blog entries regarding how chiropractic care works, how it can treat various problems, and a FAQ. Keep your posts interesting with a variety of engaging content. Incorporate keywords as well to further improve search engine rankings.

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Spencer Shaver’s resume is peppered with a range of impressive titles from business consultancy and entrepreneurship to philanthropy and filmography. But behind everything he does is his steadfast faith, inspiring him constantly to create in His name.

Since becoming a martial arts instructor in 1995, Spencer Shaver Denver’s fighting spirit has given him the drive needed to succeed in all of his professional ventures, from executive producing the film Lost Temple to founding Skyward Artists Group. Spencer Shaver Denver looks forward to creating more meaningful work, from documentary films to business plans, while helping other creators and businesspeople explore opportunities, follow their dreams, and achieve their goals.

Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver Denver’s New Documentary Spotlights Temple Mount Sifting Project

The Middle East is steeped in ancient history and religious significance for Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peoples. While these religious groups have their differences, they also share many elements in common, including the reverence of certain holy sites like Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Composer and documentary filmmaker Spencer Shaver Denver says Temple Mount is one of the most hotly contested religious sites in the world. Spencer Shaver of Denver’s film, Lost Temple, explores the history and significance of this 3,000-year-old religious structure and present-day efforts to uncover the truth about the temple. The documentary features artifacts recovered in the ongoing Temple Mount Sifting Project as well as interviews with its director.Spencer Shaver Denver

Temple Mount is the elevated plaza in Jerusalem above the Western Wall. It is the site of Judaism’s two ancient temples of King Solomon and King Herod, both of which were destroyed. It is prophesied to become the site of the Third Temple. It is also the third-most holy site in Islam after Mecca and Medina, the site of Muhammad’s ascent to heaven, explains Spencer Shaver Denver.

While archaeological digs are said to be a national pass time in Israel, the Temple Mount Sifting Project is unique in part because Temple Mount has not been investigated by archaeologists until recently, says Spencer Shaver Denver. The sifting, per the project website, took place under the auspice of Bar-Ilan University funded by private donors through the Israel Archaeology Foundation. Archaeologists sifted from 2005 to 2017 at the Emek Tzurim National Park and, as of 2019, moved to the Masu’ot Lookout.

Many significant artifacts have been uncovered in the sifting project, which, like Lost Temple, aims to verify the site as the location of Judaism’s two ancient temples and validate the scripture.

Spencer Shaver Denver, executive producer, and composer of Lost Temple is an avid supporter of the Temple Mount Sifting Project. As a documentary filmmaker and founder and executive producer at Skyward Artists Group, Spencer Shaver Denver promotes Christian education and engagement through research and artistry. As is evidenced in Lost Temple, he is apt at presenting educational materials in an entertaining and accessible way.

“We all have the power to make a positive impact on our environment,” Spencer Shaver Denver said. “And we all have an obligation to make a powerful difference.”

To learn more about Spencer Shaver Denver and his work visit his website: https://spencershaverdenver.co/ Or, learn more about Skyward Artists Group via the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skywardartists/

Spencer Shaver

Spencer Shaver Denver Shares 4 Motivation Tips for Small Business Owners

Running a small business is no easy venture. While you’ll surely experience excitement and pride during high periods, it can be challenging to get through the lows. Spencer Shaver Denver is a small business consultant and executive producer at Skyward Artists Group. He has worked with over 100 small businesses from coast to coast, helping with marketing, HR, product promotion, staffing, and motivation. Here, he shares four tips to stay motivated through thick and thin.

Spencer Shaver

4 Ways for Small Business Owners to Stay Motivated

1. Take a Break

For many small business owners, the notion of taking a break sounds nice but unrealistic. The idea of taking a vacation may seem ludicrous. However, Spencer Shaver Denver says taking a break now and again is essential to avoid burnout and maintain work/life balance. If you don’t take occasional breaks throughout the day and the year, you’re likely to become stressed and exhausted. Likewise, be sure to get enough sleep as a lack of sleep can result in increased stress and inability to concentrate, both negatives for you and your business.

2. Collaborate

A small business owner is like the coach of a sports team. You’re only as successful as your team, and your team is likely to perform better if they are motivated and inspired. Likewise, they can inspire and motivate you as well. Collaborate and communicate with staff and colleagues. Brainstorm ideas to solve problems creatively, encourage one another in positive times and offer support in the challenging periods. Having a strong support network is crucial to staying the course as an entrepreneur.

3. Set Goals & Stick to Them

As a business owner, you know the importance of setting goals to achieve success. However, setting and sticking to goals is also important to stay motivated. When you have your sights set on something, you have a reason to continue. And when you achieve that goal, the sense of accomplishment you feel will fuel your fire to conquer the next objective. Determine the goals you want to achieve in the short and long-term and establish an action plan for achieving them.

4. Adopt a Positive Mindset

When you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by stress, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Adopting a positive mindset before this happens is ideal, but you can change your mindset from a negative to a positive one as well. Mindfulness tactics, such as recognizing what you can and can’t control, and focusing on the former, can help you to approach each workday with positive energy. Practicing meditation or repeating positive affirmations may also help.

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Spencer Shaver’s resume is peppered with a range of impressive titles from business consultancy and entrepreneurship to philanthropy and filmography. Behind everything he does is his steadfast faith, inspiring him constantly to create in His name.

Since becoming a martial arts instructor in 1995, Spencer Shaver Denver’s fighting spirit has given him the drive needed to succeed in all of his professional ventures. He looks forward to creating more meaningful work, from documentary films to business plans, while helping other creators and businesspeople explore opportunities, follow their dreams, and achieve their goals.

Spencer Shaver, Accomplished Composer, Launches Group to Propel Fellow Christian Artists to Succeed

Spencer Shaver Denver From documentary film producer to entrepreneur and business coach, Spencer Shaver has had many titles throughout his career. Perhaps most prevalent though is his tremendous talent as a composer. Currently based in Denver, Spencer Shaver has worked with heavyweights in the TV and film industry including PBS, FoxSports, and ESPN. Spencer Shaver Denver has also scored and composed pieces for works such as The Lost Temple Film, a groundbreaking investigatory and historical documentary on one of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam’s most significant holy sites, Temple Mount.

“Soundtracks tell an amazing story, although most people dismiss their contribution in cinematography,” Spencer Shaver said. “The world of cinematic music is truly remarkable. Music’s primary job is to add nuance and drama to the narrative. When executed well it’s…magic.”

The accomplished composer, who considers himself a “semi-native” of Colorado Springs, is a natural-born musician and has been creating and playing music throughout his life. Like many artists, Spencer Shaver Denver finds inspiration in myriad forms. But he is particularly moved by the ways in which he can use music as a vessel for his faith and the will and word of God.

In addition to scoring and composing for major TV and film networks and production companies, he has also established himself as one of the most respected composers in Christian filmmaking, including but not limited to his latest masterpiece Lost Temple Film.

Spencer Shaver Denver has recently married his business, faith, and musical passions in the development of a new project: Skyward Artists Group. Since 2009, he has been a highly sought-after consultant sharing his talent, skills, and passion for marketing, sales, and business management with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. With Skyward Artists Group, he aims to utilize his business experience and skills to propel fellow faith-based artists to succeed and spread the message of God around the globe through captivating, artful productions.

More on Spencer Shaver Denver
Spencer Shaver’s resume is mightily impressive, with a broad range of titles from business consultancy and entrepreneurship to philanthropy and filmography. But behind everything he does is his steadfast faith, inspiring him constantly to create in His name.
Since his beginnings as a martial arts instructor in 1995, Spencer Shaver Denver’s fighting spirit has given him the drive needed to succeed in all of his ventures. He looks forward to creating more while helping other businesspeople and artists explore opportunities, follow their dreams, and achieve their goals.

Spencer Shaver Denver Launches New Christian-Focused Film Startup

Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver of Denver, CO, a renowned composer, businessman, and producer, is spearheading an exciting new project: Skyward Artists Group. The startup, founded in 2019, specializes in the production of Christian-themed documentaries and movies. As its name suggests, the group’s mission is to bring the word of God and stories of His work and that of Christian people to audiences around the globe through compelling video content.

Spencer Shaver Denver is Skyward Artists Group’s executive producer. He brings to the table decades of experience in filmmaking and composition. Over the years, the renowned composer and documentary filmmaker has composed and scored music for a variety of TV and film outlets, including PBS, ESPN, and FoxSports. He was also the executive producer on Lost Temple Film, an extraordinary historical and cultural investigative documentary exploring the truth behind the Temple Mount, Jerusalem’s most holy site venerated by people of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths.

His extensive experience in business is another boon to him as executive producer and founder of Skyward Artists Group. Since 2009, he has been a highly sought-after consultant sharing his talent, skills, and passion for marketing, sales, and business management with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. With Skyward Artists Group, Spencer Shaver Denver plans to continue his mission to help emerging artists and producers in addition to collaborating with established professionals.

Spencer Shaver Denver’s exceptional artistic ability, devout faith, and impressive passion set Skyward Artists Group up for a promising future as one of Christian entertainment’s next big names. Spencer Shaver Denver said he plans to use this platform to empower individuals and communities, just as he has with his other business ventures.

As Andre Gide said, “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” Spencer Shaver Denver upholds this viewpoint in his artistry, using his lens as a venue for faith education and engagement. Spencer Shaver Denver said he aims to present Christian based principles in an entertaining and powerfully-delivered way. By doing so, he said he hopes to inspire fellow Christians and educate those curious about the faith on the teachings of God in hopes they, too, may seek His enlightenment and salvation.

“We all have the power to make a positive impact on our environment,” he said. “And we all have an obligation to make a powerful difference.”

To learn more about Spencer Shaver Denver, his art, and business, visit his website: https://spencershaverdenver.co/ Or, learn more about Skyward Artists Group via the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skywardartists/

Denver’s Spencer Shaver Empowers Small Businesses with Fighting Spirit

If you stop by your local dojo or dojang during lunch hour, you’ll likely find at least a handful of busy businessmen blowing off steam. And it’s really no surprise. While the parallels between business and martial arts may not be immediately apparent, both require a great deal of focus, dedication, and discipline to succeed. Spencer Shaver of Denver, CO, has for several years maintained a strong presence in both the dojo and the boardroom. Formerly a martial arts instructor, he now works as a consultant helping entrepreneurs and small businesses master the arts of marketing, HR, product promotionstaffing, and more.

Spencer Shaver Denver

Denver resident Spencer Shaver, the executive producer at Skyward Artists Group and a respected composer and documentary filmmaker, made his first foray into the business world in 2003 after teaching martial arts for 8 years. A lifelong student and teacher, Spencer Shaver has always loved learning as much as empowering others with the gift of knowledge. In 2009, he applied his talent, skills, and passion for marketing, sales, and business management to the development of a professional consulting firm.

In the first few years, he encountered many clients and colleagues who lost their livelihood and, in turn, their motivation, during the nationwide economic downturn. Spencer Shaver himself was not immune to economic hardship and empathized greatly with others similarly affected. Rather than giving up, however, he used his experience for good. Overcoming significant challenges enabled him to become a better educator. He has since helped hundreds of emerging, expanding, and struggling businesses to conquer hurdles, achieve goals, and maintain long-term success.

A devout Christian, Spencer Shaver’s documentaries and compositions, like his business philosophy, reflects the teachings of Christ. “We all have the power to make a positive impact on our environment,” he said. “And we all have an obligation to make a powerful difference.”

With this philosophy in mind, Spencer Shaver Denver empowers business owners and managers to believe in their dream and themselves while providing them with the essential tools to pave the way to a successful and fulfilling future via exceptional communication, marketing, sales, management, and recruiting techniques. He also encourages and supports businesspeople in giving back to their communities, completing the circle of good fortune and goodwill.

To learn more about Spencer Shaver Denver, his art, and business, visit his website: https://spencershaverdenver.co/

Business Coach, Spencer Shaver Denver, Guides Startups Through HR and Staffing Hurdles

As a small business consultant with a prolific career trajectory, Spencer Shaver Denver is very familiar with the inner workings of the corporate world. To date, the Colorado-based entrepreneur has helped over 100 SMEs from coast to coast upgrade their marketing, staffing, and production tactics. He is also the Executive Producer of Skyward Artists Group, a company that has created thought-provoking Christian films to the acclaim of worldwide audiences. 

Today, Spencer Shaver Denver has some insights to share on his business philosophies, especially when it comes to HR practices for startups. 

“Owners of small businesses typically have to wear many hats,” the businessman says, “one of those is handling HR. Crafting HR policies involves plans and processes that will dictate not only your short-term goals but also mitigate long-term risks.”

So how do you create a checklist for success? The businessman has an answer. “It isn’t simply about complying with federal law or making it to an IPO. Your first order of business is to focus on creating something of value. A concrete HR plan paves the way for productivity, loyalty and helps you realize your overarching vision. Inevitably, it is also about reducing the business’s liability.”

Spencer Shaver Denver makes a great point. A recent study by Entrepreneur.com discovered that about 23% of startups fail because they don’t have the right personnel in place. These findings suggest that, much like a family business where nepotism is prevalent, small businesses may also fall victim to an overly close-knit culture and lose perspective along the way. This causes companies to ignore sound HR practices. 

“It’s important to maintain perspective,” Spencer Shaver reminds SMEs. “A strategic plan will help tell the difference between valuable contributors and bottlenecks. Now while it isn’t necessary to have a structured HR department from day one, it’s important to have something basic and develop that as you grow.”

The businessman continues, “As part of your onboarding strategy, also make sure to convey objectives and establish expectations for your employees. Communication is absolutely vital.”

Spencer Shaver Denver admits that this process has tripped up many a savvy entrepreneur before. 

“When it comes to employee grievances, in particular,” Denver says. “It’s smart to have established a protocol that even takes care of potential future occurrences. What do I mean by this? You not only need to have a plan that outlines business conduct and complaint redressal, but you also have to work on following up.”

Denver explains that what owners want to try to achieve is fostering an individualized approach to maintaining relationships with their employees. Your hires are looking to find meaning in their work. Creating a line of feedback is vital so that they do not disengage from what your team is trying to achieve. 

“All these dials back to creating a vibrant company culture that speaks to longevity,” Spencer Shaver explains. “Of course, you don’t want to micromanage. What you do want to do is infuse a feeling of trust and transparency into your HR and staffing policies.”By sharing his business philosophies, Spencer Shaver Denver is on a mission to help businesses across the country expand their potential, overcome their teething issues and build a legacy for success.

Executive Producer Spencer Shaver Denver Talks About the Challenges in the Christian Film Industry

Spencer Shaver Denver is the Executive Producer at Skyward Artists Group, a Colorado-based firm that specializes in Christian-themed documentaries. He has curated quite the resume, working with industry heavyweights like PBS, FoxSports, and ESPN to score music for a variety of T.V. and film productions.

Most recently, Denver executive produced the 2018 Lost Temple documentary; a deeply profound narrative on the history of Temple Mount in Jerusalem and its archaeological, political and controversial origins. The film explores the existence of a series of structures that supposedly stood on Temple Mount centuries ago, taking into account expert testimonies and new historical evidence that has come to light.

Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the industry, Spencer Shaver Denver shares with budding producers the challenges of creating Christian films.

“Christian films are inevitably controversial,” Spencer Shaver Denver explains, “even if they weren’t intended to ruffle any feathers. This is why it’s harder to get them at par with secular films and have audiences approach them the same way.”

The producer admits that the industry has witnessed a welcome surge in recent times. In 2014, the number of Christian documentaries released outnumbered comic-book superhero movies, and created a financial splash at box offices across the globe. However, certain issues still exist against the backdrop.

“For starters,” Spencer Shaver says, “many mainstream evangelical groups and Christian critics regard films of this nature as egotistical, going even so far as to suggest that they hurt religion. This thinking largely undermines these films before they can even make it out the gate and prove their individual worth.”

The producer also highlights the pitfalls that Christian filmmakers tend to be subjected to.

“Christian filmmakers sometimes fall victim to egotistical castle building. This is a concept where filmmakers resort to extreme fantasy and preposterous coincidence, all in an attempt to push forth their worldview on the audience. We need redeeming films that don’t try too hard to prove a point. Present the facts and let the chips fall where they may.”

What does the producer foresee for the future of this industry?

“This subset of the industry is at a curious crossroads,” Spencer Shaver Denver goes on to say. “I do think that these will start streaming more widely on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There also isn’t a lot of variety in the Christian film industry at the moment as far as genres are concerned. It would definitely be interesting to see more comedy, sci-fi and hey, even horror Christian films.”

More on Spencer Shaver Denver

Starting out as a martial arts instructor in 1995, Spencer Shaver Denver used his phenomenal business vision to break ground in the corporate world in 2003. His core Christian beliefs have helped him develop philosophies in life and business. Denver turned that dedication into a professional consulting firm in 2009.

The consultant has helped countless business owners from all over the U.S. leverage new and exciting opportunities and take their businesses to staggering new heights.

Small Business Consultant, Spencer Shaver Denver, Helps SMEs Master the Art of Marketing on a Budget

Spencer Shaver Denver is a businessman with phenomenal sales and marketing expertise. Based in Colorado Springs, he has curated an impressive resume through his work in business management, specifically helping small companies from coast to coast finetune their corporate vision and dominate new segments of the market.

Spencer Shaver Denver

Today, the business coach has some interesting words of wisdom for small business owners as far as their marketing efforts are concerned; truly words worth living by.

“I completely get it,” says Spencer Shaver Denver, “small businesses have a shoestring budget. Marketing becomes an expense that is often kicked to the curb. Before you do that, let me point out that we now live in an era where marketing has never been more affordable, trackable or effective.”

Spencer Shaver cites some key statistics. A recent study by customer research and analytical firm, Invesp, shows that SMEs spend less than $300 a month on online marketing and 75% of them have reported that this modality is very effective in drawing in new clients, so much so that 37% of these companies plan to increase their digital marketing spend over the next 12 months.

“With so many tools, it’s hard to zero in on just one or two,” Spencer Shaver Denver admits. “This is why I urge SME owners to start small and start strong. Email marketing is the go-to online tool that is proven to generate an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.”

The businessman advises entrepreneurs to stick to the tried and tested route. The first step, according to him?

“Begin with an elevator pitch, a value proposition, if you will. Plenty of research has shown us that the average attention span on an internet user is 6 seconds. This means you have very little time to sell them on your products or services. The solution? Create a killer pitch that is bound to seize people’s attention in a matter of seconds.”

The businessman goes on to say that corporate citizenship is the way of the now. Customers look to brands that are actively involved in their communities, and display a genuine concern for social and environmental causes.

“You could participate in a 5k charity run or print bookmarks for the local library,” Spencer Shaver Denver advises. “It doesn’t take much but this kind of entrepreneurial philanthropy goes a long way to leverage your efforts within the local community and discover new ways to get your marketing message to the target demographic.”

When it comes to customer retention, the businessman is a strong advocate for fostering loyalty.

“Remember, it’s a lot less expensive to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new one.” Spencer points out. “The bedrock of a successful marketing strategy is to establish strong relationships with your client base. A great way to do that is by making your email marketing campaign engaging and valuable to the point where your customers look forward to getting it in their inbox.”

Spencer Shaver Denver acknowledges that we live in a world that first wants to experience before it can trust. He advises business owners to not dismiss the power of a free trial. This is a great way to invoke value in your offerings and coerce your prospects to carry out the purchase.

More on Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver is the owner and Executive Producer at Skyward Artists Group. He has created a number of profound and thought-provoking documentaries rooted in the Christian faith.

His most recent endeavor, The Lost Temple film released in 2018, explored the archaeological history of Temple Mount, the holiest site in Israel and the alleged location for a series of structures that have long since been demolished. Now being one of the most politically charged sites in the world, the film showcases Temple Mount in a new light and seeks to uncover evidence to suggest that these structures were more than myth.

Spencer Shaver has taken his philosophies in life and business and turned that dedication into a professional consulting firm in 2009. He has guided business owners in the US to practice sustainably, grow their revenues and establish a strong foothold within their communities through meaningful philanthropic efforts.